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Everything you need to know about Apples For Oranges

Apples For Oranges?

The saying tells us: ‘it’s like comparing apples to oranges’. But what does that really mean? Comparing apples to oranges basically means equating two different things. Here at Apples For Oranges we’re using this age-old saying while adding a zesty twist.

The term Apples For Oranges means to exchange an item for something which is completely different, but shares the same theme. Is that item necessarily better? That’s up to you to decide.

Comparing Apples for Aranges

There may be qualities of an apple which you like better than an orange, and vise-versa. You may like the sharp taste of a fresh green apple, or you may prefer the citrus zing of an orange. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. Apples For Oranges are here to provide you with all the information you need to understand the differences between each choice, allowing you to make the right decision.



But How Does Apples For Oranges Relate To ISAs?

If you take the definition of Apples For Oranges and apply it to the Individual Savings Account (ISA) space, you start to see a clearer picture of our mission.

Individual Savings Accounts have become an increasingly popular way of saving money. It’s easy to understand why. The tax-free savings wrapper offered by the government really is a fantastic way of maximising your money.

However, what many people don’t understand is there is an array of different ISAs on the market which are available. All types of ISAs will still fall under the tax-free wrapper set out by the government, but when comparing a Cash ISA to an Innovative Finance ISA, you are really comparing apples to oranges (because they are so different).

Finding The Best Orange

You see, many people don’t realise that, in many instances, you can transfer one type of ISA to another. In fact, many people don’t realise that you can transfer an array of financial savings into an ISA for the tax-free advantage.

Apples For Oranges is here to help you make a decision on how to get the most out of your savings. We want to paint a clear picture of the ISA market and allow you to pick the right product for you. How we are going to achieve this is by creating a knowledge bank of information which will help you understand the finer details of your saving decisions; starting with ISAs.

If you don’t think you’re maximising your current savings, then it really is a good time to think about swapping your apples for oranges.

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